L.I.F.E Downtown: Reconciliation

To conclude this portion of our “First Families of the Old Testament” series, we will focus this week on reconciliation.  We went from birthright to ladders and now to a bridge of sorts. Jacob’s life has come full circle.  He anticipates a potentially volatile reunion with his brother Esau (the one he tricked out of […]Continue reading »»

L.I.F.E. Downtown: Creeds

Depending on the religious tradition you come from, you may be more or less familiar with the ancient creeds of the Church. Some may remember having to memorize The Apostles Creed in a Confirmation class. Others have attended churches where creeds are recited regularly in worship (including in this church over the years). Still others […]Continue reading »»

L.I.F.E. Downtown: Pentecost Fire

As many of you know, our church became what it is today after the merger of two Methodist congregations that were both founded in the same year our city was chartered, 1896. In those days, our denomination was still (shamefully) divided over the issues of slavery and race. There was a Methodist Episcopal Church North […]Continue reading »»

L.I.F.E. Downtown: Confirmation

This Sunday we will celebrate what most pastors would agree is one of their absolute favorite events of the year – not Christmas or Easter, nor a wedding (although all of these are great too).  It is Confirmation Sunday!  Perhaps some of you remember when you were confirmed in a church as you entered adolescence.  […]Continue reading »»
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